Crude Oil (REBCO)

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Russian Export Blend Crude Oil (REBCO)

Russia is the world's second largest producer of crude oil and also one of the world's top oil exporters. Russian export blend crude oil (REBCO) is a medium gravity sour crude that accounts for exports of approximately 4 million barrels per day into the Atlantic Basin or to other nearby refining markets. 

The expected benefits of a REBCO futures contract are continuous price discovery, market transparency, and financial protection against the risk of counterparty default. 


REBCO (GOST 9965-76)

Maximum Sulfur Content 1,8% Paraffin Content 6,0%
Maximum Water & Sediment Content 1,2%
Distillation, Weight 21%
Up to 200° Ñ min 21
Up to 300° Ñ min 41
Up to 350° Ñ min 50
Maximum salts content, MG/L 100





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